Repair Services and Sales Include

Pole mounted transformers

Pad mounted transformers up to 3750 KVA






Our company fleet can provide pickup and delivery as needed.

Northeast Transformer Services LLC.

Transformer repair facility in Central New York.


Carbon Footprint

NETS is dedicated to shrinking the environmental impacts of every customer we work with.  Every single piece of your transformer will be used to the best of our ability to rebuild a new unit.  In 2016 we put well over two million pounds of used metals back on the energy grid in the form of refurbished transformers, as well as reprocessed over three hundred thousand gallons of mineral oil Non-Detectable for PCB's.

Transformer Repair

    Northeast Transformer provides low cost distribution transformer repair and rebuilding services with high standards of quality.  All transformer repair meets industry standards and each unit is thoroughly inspected multiple times during the stages of rebuilding.

New Regulator and Recloser Departments

    NETS has added a separate Regulator and Recloser division within the new facility.  Employees trained by Cooper Power Systems are dedicated to the workflow of this area.


Transformer Rental and Sales

    Many varieties of transformers are available in stock.  Please refer to our Contacts list for inquiries.

Mineral Oil

    Northeast Transformer offers environmentally friendly solutions that are extremely cost effective.  All transformers are filled with oil that is Non-Detectable for PCBs at the time of manufacture.  NETS processes all oil through a heated filtration system to remove contaminants and water from the reused oil.  The oil is then dielectric tested to meet ANSI standards.

   Please refer to Partners for certified facilities to send regulated units or for locations to send mineral oil for PCB testing.

   The NETS repair facility houses several forms of oil containment including dikes, berms, sealants and below floor level containment sites.

Upgraded Facility

    NETS has upgraded the main facility to allow for the repair of Network type transformers.  State of the art steel shot blast booth and explosion proof paint booths were installed with a crane that runs the entire length of the building.  A chamber was set eight feet into the ground for large units to fit entirely inside while drawn under vacuum for oiling.  This process helps draw air from the coils of a transformer to extend the expected lifetime.