Services Offered:


    Distribution Equipment Repair

           NETS specializes in oil filled distribution transformer repair and testing.  This includes single phase and three phase pole mounted or pad mounted transformers up to 3750 KVA.  We also repair regulators, reclosers, switchgear, networks, undergrounds.

           Our company is recognized by several major transformer manufacturers as a professional repair facility for the region.  The utilities of the northeast rely on our repairs to restock thousands of units per year at half the price of a new unit.

    Repair Process

        All transformers are tracked by computer database through our facility by a unique 6 digit identification number.  This allows tracking and lead time calculation based on which stage of repair each transformer is undergoing.

          Several tests are done on all units in the preliminary stage to determine what repairs are necessary.  Depending on the results the unit may be opened and repaired on the line, or fully disassembled for more thorough repairs and testing.

          After repair all units are tested to ANSI standards.  Units are painted with a base primer and a gloss top coat.  Finishing touches and external assembly are then done to meet the customer's individual specifications. 


        Pickup and delivery is available by NETS trucks.  Each NETS trailer is covered and provides spill containment.  Transportation costs will be added to the invoice of the transformer.  Customers also have the option to use their own means of transportation or third party trucking but NETS will not accept units as C.O.D., all costs must be paid by the customer.

    Emergency Services

        NETS offers emergency pickup and repair in the event of a storm or unexpected disaster.  An emergency unit will be expedited through our repair process as fast as possible.  We understand the needs of all of our customers and it is in our best interest to get your transformer back online as soon as possible.

    Field Repairs

        NETS does offer small field repair services.  We will not conduct field repairs on energized units or units that require oil removal at this time.  All oil removal by NETS must be done at our facility.