Expedited repairs or rentals for emergency outages available.


Northeast Transformer Services is a family owned and operated business in Cortland, New York.  Started in 1999 by Gilbert Kozer, NETS has grown to over 50 employees with over 100 years of transformer refurbishing experience.  Several employees are former Hevi-Duty workers that have built transformers for decades.


    We believe in high quality work at Northeast Transformer Services.  Our team includes a Quality Assurance group that ensures that every unit is inspected five times during the stages of repair, by a minimum of three different people.  All employees are held to high standards of quality at NETS, our inspectors and managers see to it personally. 

    The lifetime of a NETS transformer competes with a new transformer, but costs half the price.  With the high price of metals, companies cannot afford to let their prior investments go to waste.  The highest returns of investment recovery come from repairs, let us help you protect yours.